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Branding is the procedure by which organizations differentiate their product offerings from the whole competition. Good brand management drives business value and sustainability. Any brand is shaped when developing a distinctive name, design and package, trying to meet customer expectations about this specific offering. This training program is designed to address all the competencies needed to build a strong corporate branding and assessing its performance and perceptions in the market. It also gives an emphasis on the role of brand management in accordance to the strategic marketing process, consumer adoption process and the different types of branding strategies.

Course Objectives
  • Comprehend the discipline of brand management and how it drives the value of an organization
  • Develop, execute and measure an effective brand strategy
  • Manage various types of brands:
  • Product versus corporate
  • B2C versus B2B
  • Study brand launch, rebranding and competitive defense tools
  • Drive corporate alignment and an organizational strategic agenda
  • Evaluate brand performance and construct and full brand auditory phase
  • Use of digital marketing to manage company’s brand in the digital age 

Course Modules
Module 1 Introduction to branding
Module 2 Brand Equity Management Tools
Module 3 Customer-based Brand Equity
Module 4 Brand Identity Development – Creation of new ideas
Module 5 Brand Management Planning
Module 6 Brand Management Process
Module 7 Brand Portfolio Management and architecture
Module 8 Establishing the brand experience
Module 9 Brand Evaluation
Module 10 Managing brands though digital marketing 

Target Audience
This course is designed for brand managers, purchasing capacity decision-makers and/or employees who are in the field, besides the new fresh-graduate enthusiasts who wish to comprehend the viral marketing methods used for a company’s brand.

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