Communication & Effective Interaction Skills


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Course Objectives

  • Provide participants with a range of scientific and practical concepts in how to analyze human behavior and reciprocity relations and understand human nature
  • Enrich skills of understanding human behavior patterns & motives and dealing effectively with each pattern, whether to persuade and motivate or influence

Course Modules
Module 1: Human Nature Assumptions in Dealing with Others
  • How to look at oneself and how others look at you
  • Body language
  • Exercise
  • Practical Application
 Module 2: Motivation and Perception
  • Impact on dealing with others effectiveness
  • Human beings motives
  • Approaches to understand human personality
  • Perception differences between humans
  • Understand the importance of perception for efficient and effective interaction
  • The effect of colors
 Module 3: Behavioral Skills Necessary for Effective Communication
  • Listen effectively
  • Feedback
  • Analyzing communicative reaction
  • Verbal and written communication
 Module 4: Identifying and Analyzing Controversial Problems and Approaches to take the Right Decisions
  • Effective negotiation skills in dealing with others
  • Standards of effective negotiation with others
  • Approaches to handle rejection and objection
  • How to convince others to achieve effective dealing with them
  • Questions and answers
Module 5: Skills to Deal with Human Patterns with Various Cultural Differences
  • Methods of mental control in interacting
  • Channels to guide and motivate others in difficult situations
  • Wrap-up

Target Audience

Various incumbants whose leadership tasks include dealing with different patterns of subordinates and colleagues within or outside the organization in order to persuade and influence and achieve the goals effectively
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