Competency-based Development of Training Managers


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the principles and basic concepts of the training process 
  • Identify the methods and tools, which are useful for planning implementation, monitoring and evaluation of training activity
  • Refinement of administrative, technical and behavioral skills of the participants so that they can effectively manage training activity

Course Modules
Module 1: Main Concepts of Training 
  • Administrative development
  • Training process contents
  • Effective training basics 
Module 2: Planning of Training Activity and Identifying its Requirements
  • Identifying the training needs
  • Planning and managing programs
  • Training program designing stages
  • Estimated budgets for training
Module 3: Implementing Training Activities
  • Selecting standards of the proper training type and method
  • On job training and the training transfer
  • Training technology and the training aids
Module 4: Follow-up and Evaluate Training and Used Forms
  • Training proposals evaluation and the training return
  • Training activities preparation and follow up reports

 Target Audience
Training and development head of departments, specialists, and coordinators and the candidates for these jobs at the various organizations

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