Construction Project Administration & Site Management


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Course Modules

Module 1: Design / construction process 

  • Project participants
  • Construction administration
  • Control of quality in construction
  • The partnering concept
  • Job site analysis

Module 2: Responsibility and authority 

  • The resident project representative an dinspectors as members of the construction team
  • Lines of authority on construction projects

Module 3: Documentation : records and reports 

  • Files and records
  • Construction reports diary
  • Who should maintain diaries and daily reports?
  • Doumentation of intermittent inspection
  • Doumentation of dangerous safety hazards/warnings
  • Contractors'' submittals

Module 4: Specifications and drawings 

  • Conflicts due to drawings and specification
  • Unenforceable phrases
  • Content and component parts of specifications
  • CSI specifications format
  • Allowances and tolerances in specifications

Module 5: Using the specifications in control administration 

  • General conditions of the construction contract
  • Materials and equipment
  • The constractor and subcontractors
  • Shop drawings & samples
  • Disapproving or stopping the work
  • Order of precedence of the contract documents

Module 6: Construction safety 

  • OSHA and construction safety
  • General responsibility for construaction safety
  • Safety requirements in construaction contracts

Module 7: Meetings and negotiations 

  • Types of meeting in construaction
  • Handling yourself at a meeting
  • Preconstruction conference
  • In-house decision –making meetings
  • Principles of negotiatiosn

Module 8: Risk allocation and liability sharing 

  • Risk management
  • Ldentification and nature of construction risks
  • Contractual allocation of risk
  • Who should accept what risks?
  • Types of risks and allocations of those risks
  • Minimizinf risks and losses

Module 9: Preconstruction operations 

  • Constructability analysis
  • Prequalification of bida
  • Opening , acceptance, and documentation of bid
  • Development of a quality control / assurance program
  • Inspection and testing

Module 10: Planning for construction

  • Planning for construction
  • Construction schedules as related to building costs
  • Scheduling methods
  • Network diagrams
  • Specifying CPM for a project

Module 11: Construction operatiosn

  • Authority and responsibility of all parties
  • Time of inspection and tests
  • Contractors'' submittals
  • Suspension or termination of work

Module 12: Value engineering

  • Fundamental of value engineering
  • Fast digram
  • Methodology in applying value engineering
  • Steps job plan

Module 13: Measurement and payment

  • Construction progress payments
  • Approval of payment requests
  • Evaluation of contractor''s payment requests
  • Liquidated damages during construction
  • Standard contract provisions for measurement and payment

Module 14: Construction materials and workmanship 

  • Materials and methods of construction
  • Requests for submission of materials
  • Inspection of materials deliverd to the site
  • Rejection of faulty material
  • Construction equipment and methods

Module 15: Variations and extra work

  • Variations in the work
  • Types of variations
  • Elements of a variation order
  • Starting the variation order process
  • Costs of delays caused by variation orders

Module 16: Claims and disputes 

  • Five princilpes of contrcat administration
  • Claims and disputes
  • Differences between the parties
  • Resolving for claims defense
  • The use of project records in litigation
  • Alternative methods of dispute resolution
  • Arbitration or litigation

Module 17: Project closeout 

  • Acceptance of the work
  • Gurantee period
  • Contract time
  • Liquidated damages for delay
  • Cleanup
  • The snag
  • Punch list
  • Preparation for closeout
  • As-bulit / drawings record
  • Post completion evaluation
  • Manual of operatiosn
  • Mointoring remedial work

Target Audience 

Construction supervisors & engineers, constraction, contractors, project engineers & site managers    

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