Contemporary Approach to Team Work Leadership


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Course Objective
  • Make participants acquire the personality analysis and the organizational human behavior in the work environment and understand its contents and how to use and manipulate them to achieve the work goals efficiently and effectively
  • Make participants acquire the technical skills to create teamwork capable of achieving the work goals
  • Enable participants with ability to change the unproductive work performance and realize harmony between employees and to overcome the conflicts and dispute signs at the work environment

Course Objectives
Module 1: Organizational Behavior and its Impact on Effective Leading Teamwork Process
  • Importance of the organizational human behavior in the managerial process
  • Human behavioral types that impede the managerial process integration
  • Analyze and solve human interaction problems at work environment 
Module 2: Effective Interaction Methods between Leaders and Teamwork Members
  • Effective dealings between leaders and colleagues
  • Analyze and understand the human personality elements and potentials at the work environment
  • Analyze the personality elements and the organizational behavior
  • Types of behaviors the normal one and the one impeding productivity
  • Employees’ needs and motivations to fulfill work within teams
  • Means of supporting the positive active relations to achieve the goals
Module 3: Effective Leadership Types to Achieve Teamwork Goals
  • Effective dealing with employees at the work environment
  • Analyze the required roles to achieve goal
  • Individual roles conflict that impeding achieving the goals
 Module 4: Conflict Causes Indication between Individual’s Roles and the Organization’s Roles
  • Work out the conflicts and disputes within teamwork
  • Build teamwork and supporting the teamwork spirit and the diplomatic interaction
  • Morale and the job satisfaction and handling the negativity and stress

Target Audience
Employees and supervisors at the level of the middle management and executive management

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