Contemporary Approaches to Public Relations & Objective Media


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Course Objectives

  • Enable all officials of public relations activities with familiarity of performance integrated system and success factors of public relations and media
  • Planning of programs and communication campaigns in public relations

Course Modules

Module 1: Public Relations Objectives and Functions at Organizations

  • Public relations in governmental, private and non-profitable organizations
  • Function of researching in public relations
    • Objective, types, methods of public relations researches
    • Function of planning in public relation
    • Planning objectives, types, stages in public relations

Module 2: Communicative and Media Functions of Public Relation

  • Communication strategies in public relations
  • Audience characteristics and techniques of dealing with them
  • Forms, types of the used communication in public relations
  • Methods direct communication
  • Private communication and media channels

Module 3: Modern Functions of Media in Society

  • Modern theories of the explained effect of media channels on audience and society
  • Role of media channels in dealing with society issues
  • International media and its political, economical and commercial and cultural roles

Module 4: Applications on Public Relations and Modern Media Functions

  • Public relations and conceptual image program
  • Social responsibility programs and relations with society and workers'' career satisfaction in the modern organization
  • Public relations, communication and information technology
  • Internet use in activating public relations functions
  • Public relations and the integrated marketing relations
  • Public relations in non-profitable organizations - NGOs
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