Contemporary Art of Control


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Course Objectives
  • Enhance participants to be familiar with some recent trends in control systems and international applied arts techniques
  • Provide participants with the basic innovative skills and capabilities necessary for the application of modern arts control
  • Enable participants to take managerial decisions with confidence, master crisis management and the pressure faced in the work of supervision and follow-up 

Course Modules
Module 1: What are the Bad Patterns of Control in Practice?
  • Reasons for the need for new arts of control and follow-up, in light of global changes in contemporary  era
  • Planning as a component of the administrative process and the role of planning units and follow-up elements
  • Monitoring, performance evaluation, and follow-up as an essential element in the success of organizations
  • Use of statistical methods in planning, control, monitoring and performance assessment
  • How to collect and analyze data and information
  • Use of SPSS software to analyze data
  • Questions and answers
 Module 2: Patterns and Modern Arts Censorship
  • Censorship is a visual system
  • Cybernetic system
  • Exceptions to the control system
  • Use of metrics
  • Exercise
 Module 3: Organizational Climate Underlying Determinants of Contemporary Control Systems
  • Control of remote sensing system
  • Organizational climate systems to modern censorship
  • Resume elements of the existing system
  • Policies and procedures
  • Labor law
  • Code of conduct
 Module 4: Basic Ingredients of Contemporary Control Systems
  • Resume elements of the existing system
  • Elements of assistance to an existing system (Communications systems, information, comprehensive planning)
  • Necessary for the application of control invisible arts basic skills
  • Scientific method for the preparation of reports
  • Recording results and rationalizing systems (Case studies and laboratories)
  • Dashboards
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
All managers in all organizations and various sectors and who requires their control and follow-up of business activities within organizations

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