Contemporary Leadership Competencies and Innovative Thinking

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Course Objectives
  • Introduce participants to the latest trends in modern management.
  • Introduce participants the most important leadership competencies and characteristics.
  • Improve the ability to understand human behavior and motivation tools.
  • Challenging the sense of innovation to make changes as a means to achieve excellence.
  • Acquiring modern leadership competencies as a mile stone to innovative leadership.
  • Means of changing traditional styles in analysing problems and making decisions.
  • Developing leader’s ideas and translating them into business plans. 

Course Modules
 Module 1 
  • The impact of transformation, changes and working environment on leadership effectiveness
  • Effective leaders and his role in the modern context
 Module 2
  • Six fundamental leadership skills of an effective manager
  • Understanding human behavior
  • Dynamics of leadership and team work skills
  • Analysing business and employees problems and solving
  • Changing employee’s attitudes
 Module 3
  • How to overcome work pressure
  • Styles of effective and situational leadership
  • How to motivate and build teams
  • How to make the change happen
  • How to delegate
Module 4
  • Haman capital development
  • Innovation environment
  • Analysing problems and making decisions
  • Communication skills as a key
Module 5
  • Fundamental of innovative leadership
  • Modern leadership systems and network
  • How to change managers to leaders
  • Successful leaders
  • How to select leadership style
  • Basics of innovative leadership
Module 6
  • The scientific approach to change negative attitudes 
  • Observation and dimension
  • Causes and problems
  • How to solve and tackle
  • The effects of employees negative attitudes
  • New methods to tackle negative attitudes
  • Strategies to confront negative attitudes
  • Means of prevention from reoccurrence
  • Workshops and open discussions

Target Audience

All managers and section heads in different government and production entities
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