Contracting Cost Accounting

Code : 3/28

Course Objectives

  • Enrich participants'' information and train them on the modern approach application in the field of planning and programming contracting work (the C.P.M method)
  • Refine participants'' skills through translating methods of sited implementation programs on a quantitative basis to financial measurements which are prepared according to cost estimated approaches for progression purposes of general or limited tenders
  • Train participants on applying scientific principles of contracting cost accounting in order to calculate the actual implemented works of each item of the contracting items, compare them with the estimated costs, measure deviations and analyze its causes

Course Modules 

Module 1: Preliminary works which precede contracting works

  • Contracting work planning and its applications
  • GANAT CHARTS method
  • C.P.M. critical path method

Module 2: Preparation of Contracting work Measurements, according to cost estimation

  • Cost estimation
  • Cost control
  • Deviation measurement
  • Analysis and handle

Module 3: Actual Accounting of the Contracting Costs

  • The designing steps of the contracting cost accounting systems
  • The index of the contracting cost elements
  • Accounting for human work cost
  • Accounting for commodity accessories cost
  • Accounting for automatic work cost
  • Accounting for subcontracting cost
  • Accounting for other indirect elements costs
Module 4: Methods of Measuring Profitability in Contracting
  • The complete contract method
  • The completion proportion method

Module 5: Applied Examples of Some Contracting Types

  • Buildings construction contracting
  • Roads contracting

Target Audience

Different works management officials in companies, subsidiary organizations of contracting officials, planning, executives'' engineers, cost accountants at companies and contracting sectors organizations

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