Cost Accounting & Expenditure Rationalization


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3/9 14 - 25 Apr Casablanca 3950 USD Register Now
3/9 09 - 20 Jun Kuala Lumpur 3950 USD Register Now
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Course Objectives

  • Enhance the participants'' knowledge through modern basis and concepts in both financial accounting and cost accounting fields
  • Develop participants'' skills in streamlining work of the financial accounting cycles and financial books, besides its connection extent with cost accounting and its cycle
  • Develop the participants'' skills in costs rationalization through rules and required accounting standards applications at the accounting disclosure

 Course Modules

Module 1: Cost Accounting Basis and Concepts

  • Basis of registration
  • Classification
  • Summarizing
  • Financial statements issuance
  • Cost statements and credit cycle

Module 2: Relation between Financial Accounts and Cost Accounts

  • Basis of financial accounting systems success and cost accounting systems
  • Cost departments organizing basis

Module 3: Standard Cost

  • Deviations and using the changing costs attitude to rationalize decisions
  • The costs as an effective tool in field of
    • Expenditures planning by using cash budgets
    • Profitability planning by using balance point
    • Cost elements control and financial reports preparation
  • Applications on financial accounting systems and cost accounting

Target Audience

Admin occupations incumbents, who are concerned with planning and pursuit for expenditures rationalization and that effect on accounting responsibility and the business results, and the head of financial, funding sectors and candidates of these posts.

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