Developing Human Resources Policies & Procedures


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2/1 10 - 21 Mar Kuala Lumpur 3950 USD Register Now
2/1 17 - 21 Mar Dubai 2250 USD Register Now
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Course Objectives
  • Let participants acquire the specialized, intensive knowledge of principals and basics of personnel policies, procedures preparation and their modification
  • Develop participant skills in good explanation of personnel policies and procedures and illustrating their good application methods
  • Provide participants with good knowledge of employees' legislations requirements and the employees'''' relations and the labor bonds

Course Modules
Module 1: Objectives and Principles of Personnel Affairs Department
  • Focus on personnel’s policies and procedures
  • Tasks and responsibilities of personnel planning
  • Basic references and different factors, which should be considered while preparing personnel policies and their modifications 
Module 2: Labor Legislations
  • Objectives, scopes and influence on planning personnel affairs
  • Guidance principals to the personnel good explanation of policies
Module 3: How to Use Personnel Policies and Procedures Guide
  • Controlling personnel's polices application
  • Handling employees' demands and labor disputes
  • Analyzing the practices and identifying the needs of policies and procedures modifications
  • Personnel's policies and procedures
Module 4: Training and Developing Workers
  • Employees' taxes programs
  • Personnel's services
  • Archiving and the administrative procedures
  • Basic required characteristics of the employees who are working in personnel affairs

 Target Audience
  • Professionals who are working in personnel planning and policies and procedures preparation, who are working in directing and controlling the application of those policies and procedures and all who are interested in developing their knowledge and skills at this area
  • Professionals who are working in connection with employees and labor bonds who need to widen their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the objectives, principles and methods of handling the workers complaints and work disputes
  • Concentrates on concepts and values and the prevailing practices in the Middle East specially the Gulf area
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