Development of Self-Competencies & Performance Excellence

Code : 1/41
Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to become acquainted with the concept of self-power and how to be developed it
  • Determine the means of how they could excel in performance by the proper application of the excellence strategies
  • Develop and improve the self-power, release the hidden potential of the individual to reach the top performance and personal excellence without the help of others

Course Modules
Module 1: Analysis of Human Nature and Sources of Self-power
  • What is a competency?
  • Personal performance system and its inevitability for nowadays work environment
  • Mental activity as the basis for performance excellence
  • The power of the brain
Module 2: How Effectively the Mind Works?
  • Methods to overcome the poor memory and forgetfulness exercises
  • Means to strengthen the individual self-power
  • New strategies to acquire the excel skill
  • Mindmapping
 Module 3: Outstanding Personal Performance
  • Necessary skills and its means of acquisition
  • Models that lead to excellence and release the hidden potential
  • Means of creative leadership for the task forces and self-direction
  • Management by objectives
  • Questions and answers
Module 4: Advanced Trainings, Exercises and Laboratories
  • Gain advantages from self- strength to achieve excellence
  • Innovative methods in problem solving and decision making
  • Methods to generate ideas using brainstorming
  • Use of creative thinking in sensing problems and analysis the surrounding variables
  • Open discsussion

Target Audience

All individuals at different meanagement who aspire for the outstanding and innovative performance
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