Effective Communication Skills


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Course Objective
Develop participants capabilities by the communication key skills with subordinates, supervisors, suppliers or client in order to fulfill the vital managerial tasks of planning organizing leading and control 

Course Modules

Module 1: Communication Skills
  • Essential elements of the communication process
  • Why do people act in different ways? 

  • Human pattern types 

  • Why does one person act in different ways? 

  • Distinguishing interaction analysis and overcoming communication obstacles
 Module 2: Internal Organization Communication 

  • Communication networks in organizations

  • Factors that affect the communication

 Module 3: Listening With all Ears Skills
  • Difference between the all ears and listening
  • Hindrances of all ears and listening
  • Skill of managing effective listening
 Module 4: Negotiation Skills
  • Negotiation to manage differences and objections
  • Basic elements in the negotiation process

  • Critical formulas
  • Chances and dangerousness
  • Tactical policies for negotiation
  • Effective preparation
 Module 5: Methods of Setting the Strategic Alternatives
  • Tactic of objective privileges and obtaining them

  • Breaking the complete pause in negotiations

  • Identifying the other offer

  • Create a permanent commitment through agreement 

Target Audience
All staff at the managerial different levels that require communication skills with others

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