Effective Management of Financial Sectors

Code : 3/13

Course Objectives

  • Identify duties and responsibilities of the financial and accounting departments
  • Reach highest staff performance level in order to make the financial department is the main source of information, which helps organizations to avoid the problems and utilize all the available opportunities 

Course Modules

Module 1: Financial Manager role in Organizations

  • Main tasks and duties of the financial manager
  • Financial manager, the financial controller and the treasurer
  • Financial manger relation with admin department and other departments
  • Financial department scheduling

Module 2: Monetary Management

  • Short and long-term cash flow prediction
  • Dealing with receivables and cash payments
  • Monetary reports

Module 3: Payments Accounts and other Commitments Management

  • Assurance procedures of organization payments regularity
  • Registration, discounts and reports and payments follow up
  • Payments without invoices 

Module 4: End Period Reports Preparation

  • Audit process Preparation
  • How to deal with the external auditor?
  • Terminal and financial statements analysis

Module 5: Risk Management

  • Measuring operation, financing and investment risks
  • Personnel management in the financial and accounting departments
  • Individuals Qualification in financial departments
  • Absenteeism problems and dealing with the special cases
  • Means to maintain the efficient workers

 Target Audience

Employees in financial departments, accountants and candidates in managerial and administrative positions 

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