Effective Purchasing Negotiations Strategies

Code : 5/26
Course Objectives
Let participants acquire the ability of making the effective negotiation tasks in the purchasing field among an integral teamwork in order to realize the organization interest  

Course Modules
Module 1: Differentiation between Negotiation use and Competitive Tenders
  • Cases of negotiation use
  • Cases of competitive tenders use
  • Gathering between negotiation and competitive tenders  
 Module 2: Preparation of Negotiation in the Field of Purchasing
  • Identify technical characteristics of subject to negotiation commodities
  • Analysis of the supplier negotiation situation: Third part in negotiation
  • Analysis of price and cost
  • Identify the characteristics of the third part of negotiation
  • Identify the negotiation objectives
  • Casting the negotiation team
 Module 3: Strategies and methods of negotiation in the field of purchasing
  • Signs of the imbalanced contract
  • Conditions and cautions of supplier
  • The opposite strategies from the owner side  
 Module 4: Effective negotiators skills and characteristics in the field of purchasing  
  • Skills of effective communication with the different cultures
  • Skills of speech and listening
  • The ability to understand human behavior
  • Dealing with the different types of negotiators

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