Electrical & Electronic Instruments

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Why Attend This Training Course?
Owing to the rapid advancements taking place in modern electrical and allied industries, and their interconnection with power systems, the subject of electrical and electronics measurements is gaining an ever-increasing importance. This training course covers mainly the electronic instruments, which are useful for measuring either electrical quantities or parameters. It presents a comprehensive treatment of the subject of electrical and electronics measurements and instrumentation. The scope of this course could, with advantage, be augmented to suit the requirements of various branches of engineering.

What Is The Training Course Methodology?
This training methodology illustrates the concepts involved in the above areas through practical consideration of actual real-life problems, as well as explanation of concepts by experts in area using video projectors and computer aided case studies based on practical applications. Participants will solve their system problem, where the trainee’s try to apply the skills learnt with guidance from our specialized experts. ACAD will provide participants a comprehensive assessment on the problems solved using the skills acquired in the training course.

Who Should Attend This Training Course?
This training courses is designed for Mechanical and Electrical, and Maintenance Engineers and technicians involved in the selection, operation and maintenance of electric motors in different applications.

What Are The Training Course Objectives?
  • Maintain balance between these diverse fields of engineering disciplines
  • Ability to draw examples from various applications
  • Practical knowledge concerning electrical and electronic instrumentation usually used in industrial plants as part of control systems

What Is The Training Course Curriculum?
Amplifiers as a System
  • Equivalent circuit of amplifier
  • Circuitry of a single stage
  • Differential for inverting and non-inverting amplifiers
  • Differential gain of a differential amplifier
  • Common mode
  • Rejection ratio
  • Feedback amplifiers
  • Condition for oscillation
Small Signal Amplification
  • Small signal circuit
  • H-parameter of emitter dipolar transistor
  • Amplifiers
    • Resistance load
    • Potential divider bias
    • Circuits of emitter
    • Amplifiers with resistance load and unbypassed entire resistor
    • How stages are cascaded?
    • Negative feedback
Sinusoidal Oscillators
  • Tuned collector oscillator
  • C ladder network oscillator
  • Frequency stability
  • Switches
    • Construction and operation of a uniselector (Stepping relay)
    • Use of the thyristor
Applied Electrical Techniques
  • Electromechanical closed loop servo system
  • E. servoindicator or recorder
  • Self-balancing potentiometric instrument using a chopper amplifier
  • Use of high impedance device
Applied Logic
  • Logic gates
  • Integrated circuit logic gates
  • Silicon metal oxide semi-conductor logic (CMOS)
  • Diode transistor logic (D.T.L.)
  • Transistor logic (T.T.L)
  • Emitter coupled logic (I.C.L)
  • Precautions to be taken whentesting
  • Handling various types of logic integrated circuits
  • Practical application
Course Details
Personal Details
ACAD Professional Certificate - APC
ACAD Training & Consulting uses the power of its network to bring about positive, tangible change. We champion the training courses profession and the interests of individuals, engaged in that profession, for the benefit of all. ACAD Professional Certificates are designed for those who are enthusiastic to challenge themselves to reach the extra mile. Participants who fully attend an APC course and successfully pass the exam on the last training day, will receive an ACAD Professional Certificate (APC). APC are regionally recognized and can be esteemed when applying for more senior roles in Egypt and MENA region.

Exam Details:

Duration: 1 hour | Multiple Choice | Closed book | Pass mark: 65%

Course Schedule

Course Location and Date

08 - 12 Nov
Cairo | Instructor-led
5 Sessions

Course Location and Date

07 - 11 Feb 2021
Cairo | Instructor-led
5 Sessions

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