Emotional Intelligence: The Art of Contemporary Management


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Course Objectives
  • Definition of different concepts of emotional intelligence
  • Definition of the importance of emotional intelligence and its components and its obstacles
  • Provide participants the art of communication and interpersonal skills through Emotional Intelligence
  • Acquire leadership skills characterized by emotional intelligence
  • Give participants the ability to control his/her passion

Course Modules
Module 1: Nature of Emotional Intelligence
  • Concept of emotional intelligence
  • Relationship between emotion and intellect
  • Importance of emotional intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence components
  • Basic skills for people with emotional intelligence
  • How to teach emotional intelligence
  • Workshops and practical applications
  • IQ and emotional intelligence coefficient
 Module 2: Art of Communication and Managerial Emotional Intelligence
  • Expression of feelings between superior and sub-ordinate
  • Lack of social competence and its impact on the administrative contact
  • How do you make your emotions with subordinates smarter?
  • How to grow empathy between superior and subordinate
  • How to listen and talk without having to be on the defensive
  • Workshops and practical applications
  • Training on defining the oneself E.I
  • How to listen and talk without having to be on the defensive
 Module 3: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional task of commander
  • Infection of emotions (Leadership Contagion)
  • Human magnet (Attractive personnel)
  • Open circuit and emotional leadership
  • Feisty leader and inspirational captain
  • Workshops and practical applications
  • Training on styles of leadership
Module 4: Team Building through Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional reality for teams
  • Maximize emotional intelligence at work teams to the maximum scope
  • Conscious team itself
  • Self-managed work team
  • Emotional Intelligence discovery of the working group
  • Workshops and practical applications
  • Sympathetic team study
 Module 5: Change and Emotional Intelligence
  • Erase the emotional illiteracy
  • Emotional deviation
  • Emotional control
  • Prevention of depression
  • Re-emotional learning
  • Emotional Brain Education
  • Workshops and practical applications

Target Audience
Managers and department heads, supervisors and salesmen, marketing and human resources officials and training, besides all those whose work require dealing and communicating effectively with others

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