Employee Empowerment & Motivation: Leading Difficult Situations

Code : 1/99
Course Objectives
  • Definition of the concept of empowerment and its role in stimulating and inspiring employees leading difficult situations
  • Role of self-empowerment and achievement of belonging to increase productivity
  • Empowerment and creativity to achieve organizational and functional dimensions
  • Basic steps for the implementation of empowerment
  • Obstacles to the application of empowerment
  • Achieve institutional sustainability through empowerment

Course Modules
Module 1: Concept of Empowerment
  • Role of empowerment to increase the ability of workers to be creative and to achieve self-belonging to increase productivity
  • Perspective of the structural and social empowerment
  • Cognitive perspective of empowerment
  • Role of management by objectives and results in the success of empowerment
  • Questions and answers
Module 2: Empowerment Dimensions
  • Delegation of authority
  • Work teams
  • Training and development
  • Effective Communication
  • Stimulus
  • Organizational creativity
  • Exercise
Module 3: Role of empowerment in job creation
  • Empowerment and its relationship to effective work teams
  • Steps and Application of Empowerment
  • Determine the causes and needs for empowerment
  • Change in the behavior of administrators
  • Identify sub-ordinates’ participation and decisions
  • Formation of work teams
  • Participation in the information
  • Case study 
Module 4: Choosing the right people
  • Providing training
  • Contacts to clarify expectations and goals of empowerment
  • A program of rewards and recognition
  • Do not rush the results
  • Questions and answers
Module 5: Obstacles to the application of empowerment
  • Plausible Organizational Properties
  • Empowerment levels
  • Empowerment and delegation
  • Empowerment and achievement of institutional sustainability
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
All executives and heads of departments in various disciplines, and job holders of the supervisory roles in private and public organizations
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