Evaluation of Inventory to ease Slow-moving Merchandise


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Course Objectives
  • Recognize importance of stock activity and its different proportions
  • Develop skills of difficult equation solution to invest the less possible with a continuous production process
  • Insure importance of expenditure rationalization through inventory control by its modern concept and activation of substitution use
  • Get familiar with some of practical trials of the different applications from reality practices and practical experience in the stock field and inventory control.

Course Modules
Module 1: Storage Worker Duties
  • Main storage operations
  • Designing and planning of stores
  • New vision of optimal utilization of size instead of capacity
Module 2: Mathematical Equations to Identify Inventories Needs
  • Problems of annual inventory and the efficacy of continuous inventory and its role in senior management in this field
  • Stagnant inventory and its causes and its dispose methods and to whom accusation figure pointed
  • How to avoid stagnant inventory in stores
  • Discussion of successful trails in dispose of stagnant inventory
Module 3: Causes Analysis of Accidents, Spoiled Inventories and Overcoming Methods
  • Factors that affect Inventories
  • Japanese trail in dispose of stocking, the system of supplying upon production JIT (Just in Time)
  • Discussion of applying the Japanese trail in evaluating of inventory
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