Excel Advanced Training

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This 30-Hours workshop is focused on the advanced Excel tools and features that goes beyond the basics and enable users to go from only editing and formatting sheets to creating their own advanced calculations and reports instead of working on previously prepared ones. This includes validating and transferring inputs to awesome meaningful data using the most advanced functions. In addition, you will learn other Excel advanced tools of data validation, analysis, and management, such as Goal Seek, Data Validation Tool, Conditional Formatting advanced tools, and more… 


Attendees need to have good practical knowledge in using Microsoft Excel. They need to be aware of basic Excel skills like entering and formatting data, sorting and filtering, using tables and charts, printing, and writing basic formulas.

The training is aimed at business users, admins, accountants, assistants, and all people who want to enhance their Excel knowledge beyond the regular basic common tasks, to become unique and more valuable asset in the work environment. 

Goals of the Training:

Mastering Excel most important functions

Creating integrated advanced workbooks with the concept of Inputs, valid outputs, and processing

Using Excel advanced analysis and management tools

Course Outline:

Module 1: Reviewing basic formulas and functions

Module 2: Using logical functions

Module 3: Using powerful summarizing functions

Module 4: Using different formations of lookup functions

Module 5: Manipulating text-using functions

Module 6: Performing advanced date and time calculations using the proper date and time functions

Module 7: Handling function errors and validating data input

Module 8: Advanced conditional formatting with formulas

Module 9: Pivot Tables review, and Introduction to PowerPivot

Module 10: Working with data analysis tools and the Solver tool

Module 11: Using Macros and creating forms in Excel

Outline is subject to be customized including several hands on tasks that fit in the basic needs of the attendees

Hands-on Tasks:

Bring your own laptop to run and follow up the exercises and tasks provided by the instructor. To be sure that you can perform all tasks, the most recent version of MS Office is required. The outline and hands-on tasks can be customized to fit the version you use in your company.

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