Financial Analysis in Governmental Sectors

Code : 3/35

Course Objectives

This course aims at guiding participants for updated methods in common financial analysis in public sector with a focus on control indicators of the governmental expenditure and revenues.

Course Modules

Module 1 State public budget analysis

Module 2 Internal control and its indicators analysis

Module 3 External control and its analysis indicators

Module 4 Transmitting expenditures analysis

Module 5 Economical (subsides for projects and production branches)

Module 6 Financial (public debt interests and its consumption)

Module 7 Some important governmental expenditures analysis

Module 8 Analyze the normal and the up normal expenditures

Module 9 Identify state equities income and taxes

Module 10 Apparent increase analysis and the public expenditures

Target Audience

For financial analysts and controllers who are assigned for control and analysis in sectors and the state public authorities

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