Fundamental of Electricity for Non- Electricians


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Course Objectives

This course aims to develop the skills of electrical engineers and technicians. It provides excellent practice for those involved in industry, chemical sectors especially who are working in operation and maintenance. The course presents the basic concepts and some topics that are necessary for electricians.


Course Modules

Module 1: Basic Concepts

  • Work, energy, power and efficiency
  • Current, Voltage, resistance, inductance and capacitance
  • Conductors, insulator and semi conductors
  • Symbols and wiring diagram
  • Practical examples

Module 2: Circuit Components and network analysis

  • Voltage and current sources
  • Switches, wires and cables
  • Fuses, circuit breajers and miniature circuit breakers
  • Analysis and theorems
  • Drawing anddiagrams

Module 3: Measurments and measuring instruments

  • Measuring of non- electrical qualities
  • Measuring of electrical qualities
  • Ammeters, voltmeters ohmmeters & megohmmeters (AVO & VOM)
  • Speedmeters and frequency meters
  • Oscilloscope and digital meters 

Module 4: Power Transformers

  • Constructional aspects
  • Theory and operation
  • Transformer protection

Module 5: Control Systems

  • Solid tsate
  • Rectifiers and inverters
  • Transducers
  • Digital control systems 

Module 6: Switchgear

  • Terminology and standards
  • Fuses and circuit breakers
  • Rating and specifications
  • Maintenance

Module 7: Earthling and bonding

  • Earthling materials
  • Safety grounding
  • Relay Protection
  • Group discussion & practical application

Target Audience

All who practice or works on electrical field and didn’t study the electrical sciences especially technicians & supervisors.

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