GPS Topics

Code : C/14

Course Objectives

Provide participants with the necessary information & the practical aspects concerning this subject.also, with training for it’s different usages by using computer 

Course Modules

Modules 1: GPS Overview

  • GPS system description
  • GPS navigation concept
  • GPS operational segments
  • GPS satellite constellation
  • Selective availability
  • Quick review

Module 2: How does GPS work in Simple Terms?

  • GPS signal structure
  • GPS carriers
  • GPS codes
  • Pseudorange measurements
  • Receiver code measurements
  • Carrier phase observation
  • GPS broadcast data

Module 3: Overview of GPS Errors

  • The required information for GPS observation
  • Compute position, time & velocity
  • Single point GPS positioning
  • Differential positioning
  • RTKGPS (Its component and methods of implementation)
  • Practical session on using GPS receivers, processing the data, extracting the reports
  • GPS transformation parameters
  • GPS datum
  • GPS applications

Target Audience

Engineers & technicians involved & interested in this subject

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