How to Prepare an Efficient Internal Auditor?


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Course Objectives

The course aims at equipping successful auditor through:

  • Illustrate the internal auditor job aspects, standards that control his performance
  • Develop participants'' skills in field of interviews running for accurate information fulfillment
  • Develop participant skills in field of assuring the applications of the accepted accounting principles, financial, managerial policies of companies and evaluate data credibility range
  • Focus on problems that come from the changes in nature, attributes of internal control systems and internal audit methods as a result of computer usage

 Course Modules

Module 1: Internal Control Development

  • Internal audit and internal control
  • Manual internal control systems elements
  • Importance of Internal audit in internal control system
  • Plan for the internal audit process

Module 2: Internal Audit Values

  • Evidence in internal audit
  • Internal control system for
    • Assets and liabilities
    • Expenditures and revenues
  • Evaluation of manual internal control system
  • Internal control and human behaviors

Module 3: Development of Goals

  • How does auditor behave?
  • Building of a capable technical management
  • Use of the modern methods
    • Interviews to information fulfillment
    • Meetings to verbal reports presentation
    • Reports writing

Module 4: Managerial Audit and Performance Evaluation

  • Managerial audit integrated spam
  • Relative importance of the auditor role in making decisions
  • Statistical samples use in audit
    • Value
    • Role of quantitative methods in audit process efficacy
  • Group performance evaluation through the estimated budgets
  • Deviations analysis according to the responsibility centers  

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