Hydrocarbon Gases Dehydration using Triathlon Glycol

Code : O/23

Course Objectives

Upon finishing of this course, paricipants will have good practicing in dehydration units in quit details, so it avoids discrepancies in the operations performance, therefore minimizing risk to personel and installations beside the main target, which is gas conditioning optimisation.

Course Modules

Module 1: Characteristics of Natural Gas

  • Natural gas production
  • Natural gas separation
  • Hydrates
  • Dehydration of natural gas
  • Glycol dehdration
  • Teg dehydration
  • Adsorption dehydration
  • Absorption dehydration
  • Trouble shooting

Module 2: The Treating Problem

  • The theory of emulsions
  • Emulsions & production practices
  • The basic principles of teating
  • Application of heat in treating

Module 3: Three-phase Oil & Gas Separation

  • Introduction
  • Equipment description
  • Vessel internals
  • Potential operating problems

Module 4: Crude Oil Treating Systems

  • Introduction
  • Emulsion treating theory
  • Treating equipment
  • Vertical treaters, horizontal treaters
  • Electrostatic treaters
  • Equipment sizing & theory
  • Design procedures
  • Example: sizing a horizontal treater
  • Example: sizing a vertical treater 

Target Audience

The course is designed for process, production engineers engaged in gas dehydration units (senior & junior production operators).
It considers that all participants have sufficient knowledge about all gas production facilities which must be known clearly before starting this course.

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