Implementation Approach of Training Needs Planning

Code : 2/32
Course Objectives
  • Acquire principles and main concepts of training needs and its identifying significance
  • Acquire training needs identifying skills through updated means that are followed in this field
  • Identify the most significant problems, which affect training identification process and its handle methods

Course Modules
Module 1: Training Needs Structure and its Integration with other Systems
  • Training jobs and its relation to managerial development
  • Training process nature and its confidentiality
  • Training process stages
  • Training system structure and its main contents
  • Training needs identification basics
  • Training needs concept and its significance
  • Identification with manpower planning
Module 2: Training Objectives
  • Who is responsible for assessing the training needs?
  • Training needs identification strategies
  • Analyzing manpower plans
  • Analyzing organization, work, and individual
  • Analyzing career path plans
  • Analyzing training policies and trainee selection standards 
Module 3: Information Sources of Training Needs Identification
  • Primary sources
  • Surveys
  • Training needs determination lists
  • Individual and group interviews the directed and the non-directed ones
  • Secondary sources
  • Manpower planning tables
  • Job description cards
  • Company organization index procedures guide
  • Worker performance appraisal reports
  • Productivity indicators
Module 4: Training Needs Identification Problems
  • Incapability in Convincing the Top Senior Management
  • Use the limited, improper methods in identifying the training needs
  • Difficulty in gathering information
  • Different work circumstances

 Target Audience
Learning and development, training, and HR managers, who identify training needs and setting of training plans
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