Inner Power Detection & Capability of Influencing Others

Code : 1/110
Course Objectives
  • This course aims to gain personnel and behavioral skills to effectively increase the self-ability and to deal, communicate and influence others
  • Presentation and analysis of intellectual, practical and administrative aspects with psychological repercussions on managers thinking at all levels leading to change ways of thinking and to initial innovation and creativity as a means to leading to excellence in order to take effective management decisions can be implemented

Course Modules
Module 1: Persuasion Engineering Using the VAK System
  • Basic assumptions of psychological engineering strategy
  • How to locate the target and determine the outcome?
  • The Trio form (Behavior, thinking, feeling)
  • What is Elicit style? (Audio style and sensory pattern)
Module 2: Compatibility Usage
  • Strategies to influence using the Anchor method
  • Learning and docking
  • Union operation and separation
Module 3: Six steps to Change Behavior
  • Milton model for the delivery of ideas into the listener’s subconscious mind
  • Stronger and faster ways to get rid of the fear and psychological conditions
  • General features of the new management thought and the role of administrative creativity
  • Traditional thinking vs. unconventional thinking
Module 4: Types and Methods of Creative Thinking
  • Think about multiple aspects
  • Thinking contemplative
  • Intellectual structure
  • Characteristics of creative people and how to detect latent energies of individuals
  • Personal innovative ingredients (Case study)
  • Elements of creative and innovative thinking
  • Images and forms of creativity, innovation and obstacles that limit them 
Module 5: Art of Collective Thinking
  • Arts of intellectual advancement
  • Creative groups
  • Formation of collective teams thinking
  • Brainstorming
Module 6: Development of Creativity and Unleash the Potential of Innovation
  • Methods of creative development
  • Self-development of creative abilities
  • Organization''s role in removing obstacles and developing creative abilities
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
Holders of administrative, executive and advisory department heads and supervisors positions in different institutions and organizations

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