Innovative Approach to High Performance

Code : 1/30
Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with an integrated methodology for achieving high results.
  • Improve participants skills in terms of scientific approaches to achieve business excellence.
  • Enhance participants abilities to apply modern methodologies in the working environment.

Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction
  • Nature of high performance and its impact to attain business excellence
  • How to manage and control time
 Module 2: The Role of Creativity and Innovation to achieve Progressive Results
  • Methods of communicating effectively with others
  • The skills of understanding human nature and behavior
  • Types of achieving high results and business excellence
Module 3: The One Minute Manager Style
  • Future projection
  • Sypranatic system
  • Hidden control systems
  • Effective negociation
 Module 4: Phases of Follow-up
  • Remote sensing
  • Strategic focus
  • Competitors and market intelligence
 Module 5: Wrap Up
  •  Wrap up
  • Workshops and open discussion

Target Audience
Top management, technical executives and middle management
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