Innovative Approach to Organization & Development Methodologies


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with knowledge and modern concepts of organization, organizational charts and connections and develop managerial work methods
  • Refining and enriching participant’s skills in preparing and composing career framework of their institutions
  • Defining for participants the practical methods of improving work systems and methods and enhancing their skills through practical application of studying and measuring career techniques. With analyzing, simplifying and developing work procedures

Course Modules
Module 1: Principles and Concepts of Modern Managerial Organization
  • Integrated managerial process and its relation to other managerial processes
  • Analyze existing organizational process of institutions and identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • Stages and steps of organizational charts preparation
  • Case study
 Module 2: Methods of Preparation, Job Descriptions and Evaluation
  • Basic of placement, assessing human resources needs
  • Authority delegation and methods of effective delegation
  • Reorganization, justifications, and problems
  • Methods of studying and developing work
  • Questions & answers
 Module 3: Tools to Improve and Simplify Work Procedures
  • Work measurements (Concept - goals - uses - methods)
  • Performance rates (Concept - methods - application constraints)
  • Communication and organizational relationships and their role in procedures simplification
Module 4: Human Element
  • Impact on reorganization and development
  • Analyzing and discussing some organizational charts of the program
  • Practical application

Target Audience
Development of working methods, heads of departments, and units of organization, management associates and specialists
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