Innovative Executive Leadership in Contemporary Organizations


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Program Objectives
  • Provide an integrated set of concepts and modern approaches in field of managerial leadership
  • Enrich and refine manager’s skills in leadership and effective interaction with subordinates
  • Provide participants with excellent and advanced methods and approaches

Program Modules
Module 1: Impact of Global Changes on Managing Organizations
  • Integrated approach to TQM and its relationship to productivity
  • Teamwork tasks types and teamwork types in organizations
  • Significance of leadership in the modern managerial process
  • Identify leadership types
  • Human personality analysis
  • Case study 
 Module 2: Classifying and Analyzing Subordinates’ Characters
  • Enriching capability of self-expression
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership patterns from the modern perspective
  • Skill of handling the conflict and disputes
  • Time management skills
 Module 3: Problem Analysis and Decision-making
  • Leadership and its various types
  • Skills of evaluating subordinates performance
  • Skills to organize and manage successful teamwork and build QC’s
  • Practical applications practiced by companies in Japan, foreign countries and Arab companies
  • Japanese methods and techniques concerned with quality, productivity and activities and business
Module 4: Effective Performance in Meetings and Committees
  • Motivate and stimulate to perform work
  • Modern Perspective of effective management
  • Practical Lab for skills about achieving goals through group work
  • Case studies

Target Audience
Occupants of leadership posts in executive management level and directors of departments

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