Innovative Leadership & Team Building


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Course Objectives
  • Enhance Management and leadership skills of the participants to enable them to develop problem solving and leadership of the working groups
  • Provide participants with ways and means of preparation and team building with the development of their skills in the development of team spirit and self-regulation

Course Modules
Module 1: Teamwork and Team Building
  • Concept of collective work and its importance to the success of organizations
  • Types of collective tasks
  • Types of work-teams in organizations
  • Case study

Module 2: Preparation Methods for Building Work Teams in Organizations
  • Create and prepare individuals for collective interaction within work teams
  • Roles of individuals in the team
  • Case study

Module 3: Prepare Individuals for Effective Communication within Work Teams
  • Improve the capacity of self-expression
  • Improve the ability to listen and returned impact and good talk
  • Skills development team group in achieving effective communication
  • Development of reciprocal relations between the skills of individuals
  • Questions and answers

Module 4: Effective Leadership Approaches
  • Command and various patterns
  • Management meetings of the working group
  • Analysis of human behavior for members of the team
  • Motivation and stimulus to business performance
  • Practical laboratory on achieving goals through teamwork and shared motivation to accomplish tasks and roles skills
  • Wrap-up

Target Audience
Officials and supervisors assigned to their team building, supervising and directing its activities towards the objectives set as well as responsible for the implementation of projects in different organizations
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