Integrated Systems For Electronic Planning & Follow-Up


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Course Objectives
  • Identify the basics of scientific and practical principles of planning and follow-up and various methods for planning processes and control
  • Gain the fundamentals of practical applications of the different methods in the field of planning and follow-up skills
  • Training on planning and follow-up of electronic components and applications success

Course Modules
Module 1: Planning and Follow-up Implementation as one of the Requirements for Excellence Skills
  • Global variables and obligations of the challenges and requirements of the twenty first century
  • Role of the corporate strategic planner, in light of the twenty first century
 Module 2: Management Planning
  • Concept of planning
  • Strategic planning: Steps, stages, methods and entrances
 Module 3: Follow-up of the Business Implementation
  • Concept of management follow-up (phases and steps) and its relationship to planning
  • Modern scientific methods in the field of study and analysis and follow up implementation of the business
 Module 4: Managerial and Behavioral Skills Required by the Planning and Follow-up Processes
  • Talk And Dialogue
  • Time Management And Self-Reliance
  • Analyze And Understand The Internal And External Variables
  • How To Achieve Equalization Of Creativity And Innovation At Work (I = TS + C)
  • Information Systems And Their Relationship To The Planning And Implementation Of The Follow-Up Actions And Guarantees Success Systems
 Module 5: Basic Components of Electronic Control Systems and Follow-ups
  • Basic components of electronic control systems
  • An appropriate regulatory environment for electronic control systems
  • Subjective elements of the existing system
  • Elements of assistance to an existing system
  • Communications systems
  • Information systems
  • Overall planning systems
 Module 6: Necessary Skills for the Application of the Control Systems
  • Recording results and rationalizes systems
  • Laboratories and practical case studies and administrative that matches various administrative oversight and follow-up

Target Audience
Executives in various departments in business organizations, public bodies and private planning and follow-up departments, stakeholders to prepare plans and follow-up implementation at the corporate level
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