Integrated Training, Development Policies & Procedures

Code : 2/11
Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the scientific methods that help in planning, implementing, follow up and assessing the training activity
  • Acquire the skills of identifying training needs by creating the followed methods in that field
  • Recognize the principles, methods of designing methodologies and training program in the training activity field

Course Modules
Module 1: Training System Framework and its Integration with other Systems
  • Training job: Managerial development and organization jobs
  • Training process nature and its privacy
  • Training process stages
  • Training system framework and its contents
  • Training strategies and policies
Module 2: Planning Training Activity and Determining its Requirements
  • Determining training needs: The estimated budget
  • Training programs designing stages with focus on the tax activities
  • Determining training needs tactics
  • Analyzing manpower plans within the organization
  • Analyzing work: Personnel analysis
  • Analyzing job path planning
  • Analyzing training policies and trainees'' selection standard
Module 3: Information Sources of Determining Training Needs
  • Primary sources: surveys, individual and group interviews
  • The directed and non-directed ones
  • Work records: Experts opinions and external consultancies
  • Secondary sources: Manpower planning, and procedures guides worker performance appraisal reports
  • Pervious training results
  • Productivity indicators
  • Absenteeism
  • Workers rotation rates
Module 4: Training Activities Implementation
  • Selection criteria of proper training types
  • On job and external training
  • Training technologies and training aids
  • Assess follow-up training criteria
  • Evaluate training proposals and feedbacks
  • Prepare training reports
  • Embed specialized field visits

Target Audience
Head of departments, training and development specialists, coordinators, candidates for these jobs and who are responsible to decide the training needs and set the training plans
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