Interaction & Correction of Negative Sub-Ordinates Behavior

Code : 1/77
Course Objectives
  • Behavioral development of skills to deal with sub-ordinates of the participants, especially the skills of motivation, communication, and leadership
  • Allow participant to be familiar with the surrounded negative behavior, its causes and how to eliminate it
  • Developing the skill in evaluating the negative behavior of the staff skills

Course Modules
Module 1: Regulatory Concepts for Dealing with Sub-ordinates:
  • Authority
  • Power relations
  • Authority of the director
  • Power sources
  • Responsibility
  • Sources of responsibility
  • Impossibility of delegating responsibility
  • Balance of power and authority and responsibility issue
  • Delegation of authority
  • Authorization results
  • Anchor concepts to make sure you understand some of the administrative issues related to dealing with sub-ordinates
 Module 2: Dealing with Self-Skills
  • Mutual Recognition Of The Relevant
  • Interaction Between The Individual And The Organization (Who Am I)
  • Measured Self-Situations
  • Exercise
 Module 3: Dealing with Sub-ordinates Skills
  • Administrative leadership: what is your style of leadership?
  • Stimulus
  • Changing the behavior of workers (Measuring the ability to change the attitudes and behavior of employees)
  • Measuring the power of persuasion as a tool for behavior change tools
  • Use of letters and punishments as a tool for behavior change tools
  • The hidden secrets of human behaviour
 Module 4: Connections
  • Communication skills for dealing with sub-ordinates
  • Listening skills
  • Skills needed to deal with sub-ordinates
  • Skills to understand human behavior
  • The seven habits of Covey
 Module 5: Scientific Approach to Evaluate the Negative Behavior of the Staff
  • Negative behavior for staff (Phenomena - dimensions)
  • Negative behavior for staff (Reasons - problems)
  • Negative behavior for staff (Confrontation methods)
  • Effects of the negative behavior of the staff and how to predict
  • Innovative ways in the face of negative behavior of the staff
  • Different strategies to counter the negative behavior of the staff
  • Guarantees and constituents not to return to the negative behavior of the staff
  • Negative administrative positions and workshops for confrontation
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
Addressed to all managers, heads of departments in all ministries and governmental institutions as well as private sector
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