Interaction with Management Crises & Difficult Situations


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Course Objectives
  • Introduce to participants the crisis management basics and stages
  • Provide participants with the concepts and the scientific basis for the use of strategic planning for crisis management
  • Train participants on how to deal with difficult situations and conflict management

Course Modules
Module 1: Crisis Management Basics
  • Crisis concept
  • Indications
  • Properties
  • Emergence of crisis stages/levels
 Module 2: Crisis Management Patterns and Approaches
  • Different crises types and how to deal with each
  • Crisis management approaches
  • Preventive approach
  • Crisis termination approach
  • Treating approach
Module 3: Strategic Planning for Crisis Management
  • Concept
  • Objectives
  • Work plans and systems
  • Facing crisis elements and requirements
  • Crises management skills
  • Behavioral and managerial skills
  • Strategic and comprehensive knowledge
 Module 4: Managing Difficult Situations and Conflicts
  • Causes
  • Elements
  • Beneficial conflicts and destructive conflicts
  • Conflict cycle and each stage requirements
  • Stages and methods for facing conflicts
  • Analyzing conflict parties and how to deal with these parties
  • Practical application: Managing crises and difficult situations

Target Audience
Administrative leaders, managers and head of departments and the future candidates of these posts
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