Introduction to Planning & Action Plans Setting


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Course Objectives
  • Present integrated scientific framework of the managerial process dimensions with focusing on the function of planning and perceiving its importance extent and its dimensions
  • Use the modern quantities methods to set plans and work programs with focusing on enhancing participants skills in how to prepare the quantitative formatting which is required for plans preparations and work programs and the solving attitude to reach the optimal solution
  • Provide participants with the managerial skills which is required for using the planning budget and schedule

Course Modules
Module 1: Managerial Process & General Framework
  • General principles which rules the planning job
  • Identifying factors that affect the setting of plans and programs
  • Managerial process preparation stages
  • Responsibility of plans preparation and its levels
    • Strategic Plans
    • Tactical
    • Executive
Module 2: Quantitative methods of the Managerial Planning
  • Expectations
  • Normal cases
  • Decision trees
  • Quantitative approach into transmit the new goals and ideas to programs
  • Preparing the program schedule by using the PERT network
  • Case Study
Module 3: Different Methods to Prepare the Controlling Budgets of Work Programs
  • Evaluating work programs through studying the cost and the outcome
  • Cost models for making decisions and the role of information systems
  • Forming and writing the reports of work programs and the implementation progress extent
  • Case study

Target Audience
Officials and workers in planning, follow up departments and the specialists and executives in charged with setting work programs and plans.

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