Introduction to Purchasing Management


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participant with the concepts and the scientific and practical basis of purchasing systems management in the different entities
  • Give participants purchasing planning skills, its work organizing, and implementing of right purchasing policies and effective controlling stages and procedures on purchasing processes  
  • Develop participants’ skills in practicing of international purchasing work and dispose of stagnant and damaged, which realize the efficacy of purchasing management.

Course Modules
Module 1: Nature of Purchasing Systems
  • Material management concepts
  • Purchasing systems management
  • Planning of purchasing researches  
    • Purchasing planning and the entity plan
    • Purchasing researches
    • Purchasing information technology
    • Making the purchasing decisions
    • Purchasing estimation budget
 Module 2: Organizing Position of Internal Business Purchasing
  • Procedures and methods of purchasing
  • Practicing basis of purchasing work
  • Purchasing policies
    • Identify of the purchased quantity
    • Proper quality purchasing
    • Suitable purchasing timing
    • Suitable purchasing price
    • Selection of supplying sources
    • Negotiation with suppliers
    • Purchase of capital equipment
    • International purchasing
Module 3: Dispose of Stagnant, Damaged, and Surplus
  • Ethics of purchasing profession
  • Measuring of purchasing system efficacy
  • Causes of purchasing system efficacy
  • Measuring of purchasing systems efficacy results
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