Key Account Management: Relationship Management


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The world has become increasingly challenging and as a result relies more heavily on the relationship with the buyer(s) than it does on the actual portfolio of products and/or services, plus the quality in relation to the price. Strategic Key Account Management effectively contributes to significant profits on sales and consequently is considered the most demanding and rewarding part of the sales function. This training program tackles the development of Key Account Managers to sell more products and/or services effectively and ultimately achieve better win rates, conversions, up-sells and cross-sells.  

Course Objectives
  • Understand and appreciate the scope and complexities of managing accounts
  • Develop selling strategies for key accounts and high profile customers
  • Improve specific selling skills required throughout the customer buying process

Course Modules
Module 1 The Strategic Role of Selling in the Marketing Process
Module 2 Strategic Importance of Key Account Management and Relationship Building
Module 3 Paradigm Shift in Managing Trade
Module 4 Measuring Customer Loyalty: Framework for Customer insights
Module 5 Definition to realize full customer potential to reach satisfaction
Module 6 Customer Buying Process: Integration of Decision Making Unit (DMU)
Module 7 Product/Service Usage Process
Module 8 Negotiation Skills: Cognitive Dissonance and Post-purchase Critique
Module 9 Communication Skills: Active Listening to Manage the Moments of Truth
Module 10 Prioritizing: Key Account Controls and Contingency Plan

Target Audience
  • Sales Executives Managing Key Accounts
  • Sales Stuff with responsibly for selling high value products

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