Leadership Innovation & Positive Thinking


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Course Objectives
  • Introduce creative thinking concept and importance as a basis for setting strategies and the organization action plans
  • Give participants the practical experience that assists in getting rid of creative thinking obstacles
  • Training participants on generating ideas of development and problem solving in a creative way with training on evaluation and continuous follow-up methods of the development operations and modernizing the organization 

Course Modules
Module 1: Effective Leadership
  • Concept, functions and leadership patterns
  • Characteristics of a successful leader
  • Methods of selecting leaders
  • Case study
 Module 2: Analyzing the Organization Environment
  • Leadership characteristics and the impact on change
  • Local and international variables and their influence on organizations
  • Concept of change and reconstruction
  • Resistance to change - its causes and ways to overcome
  • Analyzing strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities and concerns
 Module 3: How to Prepare Applicable Procedural Action Plans?
  • Modern methods of capabilities development and creative thinking skills
  • Use of the brainstorming method to activate the mind
  • Creative thinking contraindications
  • Perception and its relation to effective problems solving
  • Encouraging critical and creative thinking in the workplace
  • Use of creative thinking in the work environment
  • Training participants on using the innovative thinking in enhancing the sub-ordinates

Module 4: Methods and Applications for Generating Ideas to Improve Products and Solve Work Problems
  • Change methods and tools
  • Comparisons references
  • Rebuilding institutions
  • Wrap up

Target Audience
Managers who are interested in managing their organizations ina new perception based on renewal, innovation, liberating from the traditional methods in management, all interested leaders in developing their organizations at the various departments. 

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