Leadership Skills & Innovative Supervision


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Course Objectives
  • Familiarize participants with the necessary competencies for effective leadership, optimal supervision
  • Enhance the participants’ skills regarding the skills and talents necessary acquisition for effective leadership and optimum supervision

Course Modules
Module 1: Logical Fundamentals of Leadership and Supervision
  • Different effective leadership types
  • How to choose the appropriate leadership type
  • Problems related to leadership and effective supervision
  • Methods to face the leadership problems and effective supervision
  • Leadership contemporary theories
Module 2: Necessary Skills and Talents for Leadership and Effective Supervision
  • Leadership competencies
  • Personal skills and talents
  • Belonging achievement and job satisfaction
  • Ability to withstand hardship and perseverance
  • Ability to use QCs to solve problems
  • The power of metrics and statistics
  • Questions and answers
Module 3: Behavioral Skills, and Talents
  • Development of views and effective participation
  • Humanitarian aspects and their impact in motivating employees
  • Ability to understand others
  • Ability to change behavior and modifications
Module 4: Intellectual skills
  • Skill of intelligence and agility
  • Arranging Ideas skill
  • Skill of the proper perception of situations
  • Skill of proper analysis of situations
  • Communication skills
  • Creative thinking skill
  • Sensing future problems talent and tackle them
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
Middle management and supervisory posts occupants and their candidates for second line in the various organizations
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