Loss Prevention in Petroleum Industries

Code : O/40

Course Objectives

This course provides the attendants with the knowledge required to prevent the losses in the Petroleum Industry.

Course Modules

Module 1: Different Sources of Petroleum Losses

  • Losses due to evaporation and saturation
  • Losses due to displacement
  • Losses due to respiration

Module 2: Theoretical Evaluation of Losses Quantities Methods of Calculating

  • Introduction
  • Recording stocks quantities and specification
  • Kinds of losses, methods of controlling it
  • Losses due to calculation
  • Losses due to drainage
  • Losses due to misoperation
  • Losses due to evaporation or evaporation items
  • Losses due to filling

Module 3: Practical Application on Losses Calculation

  • Losses calculation of fixed roof tanks
  • Losses calculation of floating roof tanks
  • Losses calculation of loading trucks

Module 4: Methods of Calculation of Petroleum Losses

  • Losses of stocking in tankers
  • Losses of refining and production operations
  • Losses of transportation and marketing operation
  • How to control and minimize evaporation in petroleum industry
  • Methods of calculation of marine losses due to receiving, participation and filling
  • Solved examples on losses calculation due to change in crude specification of temperature, evaporation, calculation of loss quantity due to displacement and filling

Target Audience

All process Engineers, Operators, Supervisors and Technicains

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