Management Communication Development

Code : 1/93
Course Objectives
  • Basic concepts of modern interaction procedures and simplifying administrative arts of communication
  • Learn how to study ways of working to facilitate administrative practices to communications efficiently
  • Identify the stages of study methods of collecting information and communications from various departments
  • Understand how to build the procedures for mapping to cohere with different departments in an organization

Course Modules
Basic concepts of Development and Administrative innovation
  • Re-engineering (rebuilding strategies and restructuring procedures)
  • Change and adapt management
  • Horizontal regulation
  • Empowerment
Work procedures (Concept and Importance) of the Administrative Communications officials
  • Importance of working procedures
  • Causes and manifestations of the complexity of the proceedings
  • Planning and implementation of a project to simplify procedures
 Methods of studying the work procedures for officials of the Administrative Communications
  • Software Update procedures (Selection procedures for the development and modernization)
  • Success of a project will inevitably simplify work procedures and requirements
  • Support of senior management
  • Setting goals
  • Provision of institutional capacity
  • Advanced technological information in external communications
Effective planning to simplify administrative procedures for communications
  • Construction of Action plans and time schedules
  • Process of self-goals and development of the program and monitor its implementation
  • Analysis of environmental factors (positive and negative)
  • Identify actions to be subjected to study and simplification
  • Formation of teamwork
  • Identify the sources of secondary information
 Analyze and evaluate the stage and simplifying procedures and adoption
  • How to implement a project to simplify procedures
  • Organizing maps and the flow of the proceedings
  • Evaluation procedures and simplification guide
  • Stage of implementation and follow-up 

Target Audience
Communications managers and officials who are in charge of the communication functions between departments and/or external entities

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