Management Excellence & Innovative Skills

Code : 1/18
Course Objectives
  • Familiarize participants with managerial excellence aspects and its paths
  • Enhancing participants’ skills to acquire and achieve continued management excellence
  • A statement to the outstanding role of the manager

Course Modules 
Module 1: Management Excellence Principles
  • Concept of excellence and its importance to modern organizations
  • Imperative needs to managerial excellence in the modern administrative environment
  • Types of managerial excellence
  • Fundamental principles that underpin management excellence
  • Case study
Module 2: Towards an Excellent Manager
  • tools of managerial excellence through total quality management
  • Creation of excellence spirit for managers and subordinates
  • Role of excellent managers
  • Time Planning and its role in excellence
  • Teamwork management and evaluating subordinates performance
  • Exercise
Module 3: Effective Organization
  • Need of organizing and self-managing resources (Power, memory, time, Authority delegation)
  • Decision-making (Daily skill for excellent manager)
  • Excellence in dealing with others and enhancing teamwork spirit
  • Excellence in motivating teamwork and achieving work harmony
  • Productive excellence and refreshing creative thinking of managers
  • Excellence in communication, influence, persuasion and negotiation strength
  • Practical cases, exercises and workshops (from Mensa International Foundation) to measure the levels of managerial and creative career excellence
  • Practical application

Target Audience
All managerial and operational leaders, boards of directors and heads of departments in various disciplines, as well as the new occupants of managerial positions
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