Managerial Effectiveness Development & Innovation


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with supervisory, managerial, leadership and behavioral skills needed to develop the administrative work and the development of human relationships with others to unleash creativity
  • Enhance participants capabilities to improve productivity and raise the level of functionality using the most advanced methods of administrative work
  • Enhance participants with the skills to identify and control the
  • Provide participants with the basic concepts of human behavior and motives of work and creativity has
  • Development of skills to build confidence and ability to influence and convince, and persuade using interpersonal skills
  • Training of participants on the skills needed to develop creativity and an innovative focus to resolve problems

Course Modules
Module 1: Administrative Work Components and Middle Managers Role
  • Dimensions and nature of administrative work
  • Administrative process and the role of the middle manager
  • Qualities of effective managers
  • Theories and styles of leadership and team building
  • Questions and answers
 Module 2: Essential to Oversee the Business Organizations Functions
  • Identify work programs
  • Identify needs
  • Determine the expected time
  • Work on the distribution of individuals
  • Excerise
 Module 3: Role of Supervisor in Monitoring And Evaluating Performance
  • Scientific concept of performance evaluation
  • Employee performance assessment methods
  • Analysis of the performance appraisal problems
  • Case study
 Module 4: Role of Managers in Identifying Motives and Implementing Trends
  • Concept of motivations needs and trends
  • Relationship between motivation and needs
  • Means of positive trends implementers development
 Module 5: Different Styles of Management And Leadership In Business Organizations
  • Management network analysis
  • Identify effective style of supervision and leadership
  • How to get the perfect style
 Module 6: Behavioral Skills for Effective Managers
  • Study of behavior and motivation (behavioral attitudes)
  • Reciprocal relations and their impact on the collective performance of the work
  • Motivation and stimulate the interest of others
  • Contacts and bases its success skills
  • Meetings management and reporting
  • Administrative skills reports and correspondence setting
 Module 7: Self-Management Skills
  • Nature of personal styles
  • Who are you? Practical exercises to identify personality
  • Talents of self-management (training process)
  • Building self-confidence
  • Ability to influence and persuasion
  • How to control oneself
  • How to cope with critical situations
  • How do you see yourself and respond to others
 Module 8: Road to Excellence and Effectiveness in Human Performance
  • Features and characteristics of the administrative outstanding performance
  • Human energy system and its components
  • Wasting time and energy dissipation
  • Simple secrets to great success
  • Face administrative pressures of life
  • How to come out of the context of losing work
  • How to avoid failure paths in the quest for the administrative excellence
 Module 9: Development of Performance Engineering Focus
  • What are the intended focus and the relationship to memory?
  • Investigate both sides of the brain and the brain mechanism of action to concentrate
  • Forgetfulness and how to overcome them factors
  • Short-term and long-term memory
  • Skills and incentives for the development process of concentration
  • Practical applications: focus on skills
  • Mindmapping
 Module 10: Unleash Creativity at Work
  • What is creativity at work?
  • How to create a work environment for innovation
  • How to stimulate creativity
  • A relationship of creative thinking problem solving
  • Innovative approaches to analyze problems and identify alternatives
  • Situations and positions related to the process of innovation at work 
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
Managerial positions in various functions and departments in all types of organizations
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