Managing Workplace Anxiety

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The workplace is one of the leading locations where people experience stress and anxiety. Every employee will encounter it sometime during his or her career. Everyone should be aware of the signs of anxiety and the tools needed to cope and deal with it.
Our Managing Workplace Anxiety training course will provide your participants the important skills and resources to recognize and manage workplace anxiety. By identifying these symptoms and coping skills employees and managers will be better suited in dealing with these common situations. Through this program your participants will be better suited to the challenges that the workplace can bring. 

Course Objectives
Remember, it is perfectly normal to feel stressed at work and feel a little anxious. Although everyone will experience some form of workplace anxiety in their career, everyone portrays them differently. Learning key signs and symptoms of workplace anxiety sooner will not only help identify the problem, but will lead you down the right path to know how to manage them successfully.
Explore different types of workplace anxieties
Learn to recognize symptoms and warning signs
Determine ways of coping and managing problems
Recognize common trigger and accelerants
Learn the difference between anxiety and common nervousness  

Course Modules
Module 1 Common Types of Anxiety

Module 2 Recognizing Symptoms in Others

Module 3 Coping Strategies (I)

Module 4 Coping Strategies (II)

Module 5 Don’t Avoid the Situation

Module 6 Differences in Anxiety and Normal Nervousness
Module 7 Physical Symptoms

Module 8 Motivation on the Job

Module 9 Recognize the Positive Aspects of Anxiety
Module 10 Common Anxiety Triggers  

Target Audience
Anyone who serves in a key administrative role, including:
  • Office assistants, office administrators and support managers
Executive and personal assistants
  • Administrative and project coordinators
  • Administrative supervisors
  • Customer service agents

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