Measuring & Maximizing ROI of Training


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However most people know that trainings can be of great benefits, sometimes it can also be hard to prove those benefits. Specific topics, for instance, sales training or time management might have direct and tangible benefits; while other ones, like communication or leadership, might have benefits that are a bit risky for organizations and individuals to put a penny value on. In this training program, participants will learn about the various ways to evaluate and appraise training progress, and acknowledge the use of those results in order to demonstrate the results that arise while training.

Course Objectives
  • Understand Kolb’s learning styles and learning cycle
  • Understand Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation
  • Be familiar with many types of evaluation tools, including goal setting, tests, reactionary sheets, interviews, observations, hip-pocket assessments, skill assessments, and learning journals
  • Understand when to use each type of evaluation tool
  • Be able to perform a needs assessment
  • Know how to write learning objectives and link them to evaluation
  • Be able to write an evaluation plan to evaluate learning at each stage of the training and far beyond
  • Know how to identify the costs, benefits, and return on investment of training
  • Be familiar with the parts of a business case

Course Modules
Module 1 Kolb’s Learning Styles
Module 2 Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Education
Module 3 Types of Measurement Tools
Module 4 Focusing the training
Module 5 Creating an Evaluation Plan
Module 6 Assessing Learning before Training
Module 7 Assessing Learning during Training
Module 8 Assessing Learning after Training
Module 9 The Long Term View
Module 10 Calculating The Return on Investment (ROI)

Target Audience
This program is designed for all level employees and professional trainers in all fields of education.
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