Methodologies of Career Development

Code : 2/16
Course Objectives
Give participants the ability to set effective career development basics which ensure the continuous development for organization staff and make optimal human capital

Course Modules
Module 1: Objectives of Career Development Systems
  • Essential concepts of career development
  • Setting the system goals in light of the organization general objectives
  • Sub-systems affected by the career development systems
  • Role of the administrative information system in designing the career development information system
Module 2: Main Inputs of Career Development System
  • Required data for career development systems
  • Organization: Framework, jobs description and analysis
  • Manpower planning and work rotation averages and needs for manpower
  • Employees databases and performance appraisal reports
  • How to achieve the career creativity equation (C+TC= I)
Module 3: Main Outputs of Career Development System
  • Set a program to develop the worker performance
  • Effect of career development system
  • Training plans (long/internal and short/external)
  • Training path for the various specializations
  • Succession, hiring and promotion plans
  • Evaluate performance of the career development systems
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