Microsoft Outlook Training

Code : 12/14

This 12-Hours workshop is a skills based training designed especially for business users to help them get their work organized and achieved on time, with not only the basics, but also the powerful tools that have become essential in the regular tasks of today’s work. This includes writing emails, managing inbox, netiquette, time management, creating schedules and calendars.



Attendees need to have good practical knowledge in using computers, MS Windows operating system and Internet

The training is aimed at business users, admins, and all people who want to learn the Outlook powerful tools and integrate them in their work for effective time management and scheduling.


Goals of the Training:

  • Managing Outlook environment
  • Creating and managing Emails
  • Creating and manage Schedules
  • Create and manage Contacts and Groups


Course Modules:

Module 1: Discovering Microsoft Outlook Environment

Module 2: Creating and managing messages

Module 3: Business E-mail writing and netiquette

Module 4: Time management fundamentals with Outlook

Module 5: Creating and managing Calendars

Module 6: Creating and managing appointments, meetings, and events

Module 7: Creating and managing contacts and groups

Module 8: Creating and managing tasks and journals

Outline is subject to be customized including several hands on tasks that fits in the basic needs of the attendees


Hands-on Tasks:

Bring your own laptop to run and follow up the exercises and tasks provided by the instructor. To be sure that you can perform all tasks, the most recent version of MS Office is required. The outline and hands-on tasks can be customized to fit the version you use in your company.

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