Mind Mapping your Way to Success: A Tool to Creative & Organized Thinking

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About the Course

Mind Mapping is a creative way of using your brain so that you use both your logical left-brain and your imaginative right brain to arrive at great results. The power of this approach is that you liberate your thinking. You literally wake up parts of your brain and discover the joy and increased productivity that comes from unlocking your creativity.


Course Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Improve your thinking, planning, decision making and problem solving skills
  • Increase your ability to generate ideas, organize and visualize them in a logical order
  • Make better presentations and run more effective meetings
  • Easily memorize and retrieve information
  • Wake up your brain and make thinking FUN
  • Use your mind mapping power to create your own business plans


Course Modules

Module 1 What is Mind Mapping?

Module 2 When can you use Mind Mapping?

Module 3 How do you Mind Map?

Module 4 Why use Mind Mapping?

Module 5 Different uses for mind mapping

Module 6 Mind mapping for creativity

Module 7 Group mind mapping


Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn how to unleash his full thinking ability or to discover a more productive and fun way of thinking in business doing and own life.

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