Modern Methods of Financial Analysis & Investment Decision-making

Code : 3/11

Course Objectives

  • Define the financial analysis and its variable application and its tools
  • Inform participants with the variable methods usage of projects evaluation and investment decision-making
  • Enable participants with computer usage in project evaluation process

Course Modules

Module 1: Financial Analysis Definition

  • Financial analysis utilities
  • Financial analysis scientific approach
  • Financial analysis and investment

Module 2: Financial Analysis of New Projects

  • Investment projects definition and classification
  • Distinguishing between capital and revenue expenditure
  • Feasibility concepts

Module 3: Characteristics of a Good Feasibility Study

  • Feasibility study framework
  • Followed steps in the feasibility study process
  • Marketing study concept and contents
  • Technical study concepts and contents
  • Financing study concepts and contents
  • Project feasibility evaluation
  • Significant accounting rules in projects evaluation
  • Concept of monetary temporal value and its significance in project evaluation
  • Project cash flows calculation

Module 4: Methods of Project Feasibility Evaluation

  • Conventional methods of project evaluation
  • Accounting return ratio
  • Recovery period
  • Modern methods of projects evaluation
  • Current net value method
  • Internal return average method
  • Profitability indicator
  • Balance analysis concept and applications
  • Sensation analysis 

Module 5: Financial Analysis of Existing Projects

  • Data and information sources in financial analysis
  • Past financial statements
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • Owners'' equity modification statement
    • Inflows and outflows statements
    • Cash flow statement
  • Financial percentages attitude
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Revolving averages and activity analysis
  • Financing framework analysis
  • Investment percentage analysis
  • Vertical: Structuring financial statement analysis
  • Horizontal: Inclination financial statements analysis
  • Changes in balance sheet analysis and cash flows analysis 

Target Audience

Technical departments and middle managements that assist the senior management in providing the required information and analysis to make the investment decisions, particularly in:

  • Financial departments
  • Projects evaluation units
  • Information analysis and collecting units

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